New Holland Tractors for Sale in Kenya

New Holland NH70-56 Tractor 2021 Model
New Holland NH70-56 Tractor 2021 Model

New Holland tractors are quite popular among farmers, especially in American farmlands. This tractor brand is rated as one of the top five tractor brands in the United States as well as in Australia. But the question is, is it really reliable?

A “good” tractor comes down to the preference of a buyer and what he is looking for. When tractors are utilized mindfully and maintained properly, then most tractors turn out to be highly reliable. The value of a tractor is proportionate to its intended uses. The tractor dealers in an area make a difference as well. New Holland tractor dealers in Kenya are well-known and reliable due to their expert knowledge and decades’ worth of experience in the field. With their guidance, Kenyan farmers can choose a brand new or a second-hand New Holland tractor of their liking according to the size of their farms and their particular needs.

Why New Holland Tractor is the perfect choice for your farms

New Holland tractors have a commendable history in the field of agriculture as they have been around since 1865. The company builds sturdy tractors that have proven their durability over the years. Its unique tractor technology and versatility make it more productive when compared to several other tractor brands. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is a reliable tractor brand.

New Holland tractors are easy to operate and come in a vast product range. It has over 300 models to choose from. Kenyan farmers can buy its compact versions to mechanize their small size farms.

The New Hollands tractor engines feature sustainable technology and reduced emission systems. Another thing to note is that New Holland has a global support network that ensures 24/7 assistance and expert advice for its customers around the world. African farmers can take advantage of its tailored financing options offered by local tractor dealers for maximum affordability.

Kenyan agriculture and the use of tractors

Agriculture is Kenya’s dominant economic sector as it employs 40% of the country’s overall labor. It is the world’s largest black tea exporter. However, most of its land is underdeveloped, owing to poor incentives and a lack of infrastructure, leading to low productivity. Implementation of the latest technology and awareness can spur growth in the sector.

Kenyan farmers are lagging behind due to their old and conventional ways of farming. While the country’s commercial farms rely on modern methods of farming, its smallholder farms are stuck with lower outputs and pest infestations. Making investments in agricultural equipment is the need of the hour for Kenyan farmers. With guaranteed returns on agriculture, the use of the latest technology such as tractors and farm implements can change the lives of several Kenyan farmers for the better.

Invest in a New Holland tractors in Kenya to double your outputs

New Holland tractors in Kenya along with various farm implements can be used to perform basic farming tasks without any delays or wastage of crops. Post-harvest losses can also be avoided through the use of relevant farm equipment.

To get a hold of a brand new or a second-hand New Holland tractor, one must get in touch with verified tractor dealers in Kenya, who will turn your dream of farm mechanization into a tangible reality.

Farm Equipment for Sale in Ghana

Tractor Farm Equipment for Sale in Ghana
Tractor Farm Equipment for Sale in Ghana

Agriculture is constantly evolving as mechanization has taken over. Technology is now an integral component of agriculture. Modern farmers cannot seem to function without the use of farm equipment. Small, large-scale, commercial, or organic farms, all rely on the use of farm machinery to get the work done.

Use of Tractors in Agriculture

In a recent decade or so, labor has been effectively replaced to a great extent by farm equipment of all sorts. Agricultural tractors are an important part of farming, as they perform all kinds of everyday tasks. Depending on the horsepower range of a tractor, it is equipped to perform various simple and complex tasks.

Tractor brands like Massey Ferguson and New Holland are market leaders due to their exceptional durability and experience of decades in the field of agriculture. Massey Ferguson is a reliable brand of tractors as they have served numerous agriculture industries, especially in Africa. It has a huge range of tractors for sale that come in compact, utility, mid-range, and high horsepower ranges. Its engine features advanced technology that promises fuel efficiency and a low impact on the environment. A compact Massey Ferguson tractor performs so efficiently that it can easily be mistaken for a high horsepower one. It is also light on the pocket, as it is a one-time investment that requires minimum to no maintenance. A brand new Massey Ferguson tractor gives optimum performance without much wear and tear.

Types of Farm implements and their uses

Massey Ferguson tractors are compatible with a diverse range of farm implements that are used for irrigation, soil cultivation, tillage, plantation, harvesting, etc. Farm implements have simplified farming and crop cultivation, as doing all this work by hand in today’s age is nearly impossible. Farm implements can be purchased brand new or used from trusted tractor dealers in Ghana.

There are five important types of farm equipment which include, tractors, combines, sprayers, balers, ploughs, and mowers.

  • Irrigation implements keep the crops watered and include central pivot irrigation systems. These may include border discs, ridgers, etc.
  • Soil cultivation implements prepare the soil for cultivation. These include disc harrows, tillers, mouldboard ploughs, etc.
  • Planting implements are used for planting seeds and saplings. These include seed drills, transplanting equipment, bed-shape planter, etc.
  • Harvesting implements are used for harvesting and may include trailers and diggers.
  • There is other types of equipment that is used for shredding, hay-making, and loading, etc. These may include fodder chopper, hammer mill, hydraulic tipping trailer, etc.

How Ghana’s agriculture sector can benefit from agricultural mechanization

Ghana’s agriculture sector is an established economic sector as it is a source of employment for around 54% of the country’s labor force. However, it is worth noting that Ghana’s farms depend on rainfall for their productivity, hence climate changes can have a severe negative impact on its crop production. Cocoa is the main and the highest yielding crop which provides livelihood to about half a million farmers.

As the country’s farmers adapt their farming practices to its current weather conditions and climate changes, informed decision-making is an essential part of Ghana’s agriculture. Ghanaian farmers can benefit from the use of Massey Ferguson tractors and farm implements for sale in Ghana that are bound to double the country’s agricultural yields. African farmers swear by Massey Ferguson farm equipment and now Ghanaian farmers can take advantage of the brand’s pocket-friendly prices and durable farm equipment available for sale with reliable tractor companies or any trusted Tractor dealers in Ghana.

Massey Ferguson Tractor Models: Specifications and Features

Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale

Massey Ferguson brand is a popular and solid name in the agriculture industry. This is due to the tractors’ reliable performance, versatility, and incredible longevity.

260 turbo massey ferguson tractors for sale


The Massey Ferguson tractors come in a variety of models and horsepower ranges to choose from. Their compact and utility tractors perform quite well and are often mistaken for high horsepower ones. Massey Ferguson also has high horsepower row tractors. Their engines are equipped with advanced technology that will make your farming processes worthwhile. In this range, you will be getting four-valve cylinders, electronic engine management, high-pressure fuel injection, as well as turbochargers. Their engines are up to the Tier 4 interim emission standards and are environmentally friendly.

Most of the models are quite fuel-efficient due to their four-cylinder engines which ensure minimum consumption of fuel. These tractors also feature the SCR technology that guarantees optimum performance with maximum fuel efficiency.


Massey Ferguson tractors are durable due to their Dyna-VT transmission system. This transmission ensures extra working speeds without having to step on the clutch pedal. The Dyna-VT transmission tractors also suffer less wear and tear and are more durable.

Some of the Massey Ferguson tractors have components that are maintenance-free. This means you do not have to worry about them wearing out. They feature engines that require 600-hour maintenance intervals. This translates to 25 days of non-stop work before giving it some rest.

Cab design

The Massey Ferguson tractors feature a great cab design which means a lot of room and convenience, as well as enhanced visibility. You can choose from a variety of mount options including spring shock suspension, rigid mount, or hydraulic suspension. Some models also come with a Visio roof, which is an essential component during bale stacking or truck loading, as it offers a clear view of the loader.


The Massey Ferguson tractors are well-built and sturdy. Some models feature a solid metal hood. These metal hoods are comparatively stronger than plastic hoods, hence less prone to damage. However, the company’s compact models feature plastic hoods which may not be that reliable.

Massey Ferguson Tractor Models Range

Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale

The Massey Ferguson tractors come in an impressive product range. Its utility tractors include the MF-240, MF-260, MF-360, MF 375, MF 385 2WD, and 4WD, which all range from 50 hp to 85 hp.

Such a variety ensures that there is a tractor for everyone ranging from low horsepower to high horsepower.

2WD and 4WD Massey Ferguson Tractors

Massey Ferguson has a diverse range of four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive tractors. With 4WD, one is bound to get more traction, more drawbar power, increased fuel efficiency, increased work speed, and more tyre wear. Progressive farmers prefer 4WD tractors over 2WD ones. However, some models like the MF 385 2WD and MF 385 4WD are sister models as they have the same engines and specifications with a horsepower of 85.

No matter which Massey Ferguson model you opt for, you are sure to get high productivity with minimum fuel consumption. Contact your nearest tractor dealers to get your hands on your brand new tractor now.

Contact Tractors PK a trusted tractor dealer for good prices on Massey Ferguson tractors for sale in Africa & the Caribbean.

A Complete Guide for Tractor Selection in Zambia

Massey Ferguson 385 4WD Tractors
Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale in Zambia

The agricultural sector of Zambia has established itself as the leading employer of the country since it provides job opportunities to a major percentage of Zambia’s labor force. About 58% of Zambian territory is considered medium to highly arable land with significant agriculture production.

Mechanization of farms in Africa

Mechanization of farms is being prioritized in most African countries due to many of its proven benefits. Africa happens to be labor-scarce, which has increased the demand for mechanization. Large scale farms are already using tractors to enhance their profits, whereas, small scale farms find it hard to transition to the use of tractors, owing to a lack of finance.

Massey Ferguson tractors at low prices

Massey Ferguson tractors can be of huge help to emerging farmers who want to mechanize their farms using tractors and relevant farm implements, as these tractors come at relatively lower prices.

Since mechanization has had a significant positive impact on smallholder farms, farmers in Zambia can benefit from the multifunctional uses of agricultural tractors. When choosing the right tractor for your farm, one must take into account several factors, which can be as follows.

Type of tractor

One must decide which type of tractor to buy for their farm. Compact utility tractors are small tractors that are mainly used for managing the land and for landscaping duties. A backhoe loader is used for digging, light transportation, etc. A garden tractor performs farming duties with durability as it comes with a robust transmission and a sturdy frame. A utility tractor has a powerful engine and can be used for hauling and diverse farming tasks.

Horsepower range

The other thing one must consider is the horsepower of a tractor. Low horsepower tractors are not built for heavy-duty farming and are rather used for tasks like lawn mowing. Such tractors fall below the 35 horsepower range. One can go for a high horsepower tractor in a small tractor size to get the work done at a lesser cost.

Four-wheel drive

A four-wheel-drive tractor must be prioritized over a two-wheel drive one. This is mainly because when a tractor is operated with a front loader, a 2WD tractor will lose balance, creating unsafe circumstances. Whereas, 4WD tractors have wider tires. This minimizes traction loss and the tractor will turn easily when a front loader is attached.

Tractor Resale value in Zambia

Buying a good brand tractor, such as Massey Ferguson, will ensure a good resale value. If you intend on selling your tractor in the future, then a good quality tractor will ensure a good resale value. The Massey Ferguson tractors are quite popular in the used tractor market.

Buying from a reliable tractor dealer in Zambia

Contact a reputable tractor dealer in Zambia for a rewarding buying experience of your brand new tractor. Inform them of your farming needs, the size of your land, your farming priorities such as field moving or road grading, and your tractor dealer in Zambia will recommend you a tractor model of the right horsepower range and hydraulic capacity.


Keep in mind how much you are willing to spend on your brand new tractor and look for tractors for sale within that range.

Use of farm implements in Zambia

Do you see yourself using specific farm implements mounted to your tractor? Then figure out what hydraulic capacity you require and whether a 4WD or a 2WD tractor will fit that range.

Temperature control

Does it matter whether your tractor has air-conditioning or heating settings so that you can perform longer in arduous settings? If yes, then look for temperature-controlled tractors, however, such options may cost more.

Transmission type

Consider your preferred transmission type. Some farmers prefer hydrostatic transmission, while others go for used transmissions with clutch and gears. It is worth noting that hydraulic transmissions are more long-lasting as compared to manual transmissions.

Massey Ferguson is the most popular tractor brand in Zambia

Choose a reliable tractor brand and check the kind of warranty it offers. Massey Ferguson tractors, as well as New Holland tractors, are reliable and high-quality tractor brands that offer a generous warranty and durable performances.

Contact Tractors PK a trusted tractor dealer in Zambia for good prices on Massey Ferguson tractors for sale in Zambia.

Massey Ferguson tractor 260 2WD for sale in Kenya

Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale
260 turbo massey ferguson tractors

The Massey Ferguson tractors have a long history in the agricultural industry and is one of the few tractor brands that farmers always rely on. The amount of work a tractor performs on a farm is incredible, hence it must be durable from a farmer’s point of view.

Massey Ferguson MF 260 2WD and its enviable specifications

Massey Ferguson tractors come in an impressive range of models, but one particular tractor model that African farmers prefer time and time is the MF 260 2WD tractor. With a 60 horsepower range, this is a very economical tractor as it consumes minimal amounts of fuel. It is also an environmentally friendly option as it emits less smoke and minimises operational costs. With a high PTO power, it works smoothly with threshers and tube wells. With a three-cylinder engine, this tractor has 8 forward sliding spur gears and 2 reverse gears. A spring suspension seat, chain stabilisers and check chains are some of its several features.

The MF 260 is a two-wheel-drive tractor that is compatible with several farm implements, such as pintle hooks, hydraulic valves, front weights, nine-hole drawbars, etc.

An economical option

Kenya’s small scale farmers have nothing to worry about when choosing this tractor for their farms, as not only is it economically priced, but its spare parts are also easily available at local tractor dealers in Kenya.

It is one of the most economical tractors to grace a farm and comes with manual steering and a diesel engine. The MF 260 can perform all kinds of simple and major tasks on a farm including ploughing, tilling, harvesting, etc. Different kinds of farm implements can be easily attached to it, such as tine tillers, harrows, disc ploughs, etc.

A powerful engine with durable performance

The MF 260 is capable of functioning for up to 18 hours without the fear of heating up due to its powerful engine that comes with a decreased smoke combustion. No matter how difficult the soil conditions may be, this tractor will ensure a smooth and secure driving experience. An affordable tractor for sale in Kenya, with the best position control technology, it is undoubtedly a farmer’s favourite, especially in Africa.

Mechanised farming to achieve a better standard of living

Kenya’s small scale farmers can simplify their transition from traditional farming to mechanised farming by adding this affordable tractor to their farm inventory. The mechanisation of farms has had a significant impact on annual yields, as production is higher when compared to orthodox methods of farming. Not only has pest and weed control become possible, but higher yields and decreased dependence on manual labour has led to the achievement of self-sustenance, as well as an increase in income. Mechanised farms are able to produce export quality crops.

If you think that this is the tractor for your farm, then get in touch with any reliable tractors company in Kenya and buy a brand new tractor in Kenya.

Massey Ferguson Tractor 385 2WD for Sale in Kenya

Massey Ferguson tractor 385 2WD for sale
Massey Ferguson tractor 385 2WD for sale

Massey Ferguson tractors are a well-known name in the agricultural industry. These tractors have built quite a reputation for being some of the best tractors that money can buy. African farmers go for the Massey Ferguson tractors for their day-to-day farming activities.

Impressive specifications of MF 385 2WD

Among several choices and models available at Massey Ferguson, most farmers prefer the MF 385 2WD model for its proven advantages. The MF 385 2WD is a high-performance model that runs on diesel and features a low-noise hydraulic engine. Its smoke levels are reduced and emits fewer gases. This model comes with an oil cooler which ensures effective cooling. Hydrostatic power steering is one of its many great features. It also comes with a spring suspension deluxe seat and offers easy access to service points. The MF 385 2WD has a horsepower range of 85 and a 2200 rpm engine power. It has a sliding spur transmission and comes with eight forward and two reverse gears. It is an economical tractor available for sale with local tractor dealers in Kenya.

Kenya, as a leading producer of tea and coffee, relies on its agriculture sector which happens to be a major contributor to its economy. Kenya is also the third-leading exporter of fresh vegetables and mangoes.

Kenya’s conventional agriculture sector

Kenyan farmers largely rely on conventional methods of growing agricultural produce, which results in lower yields. Smallholder farms suffer from pest and disease infestations, and weed control is also a challenge due to the inefficiency of manual labor.

These farmers can benefit from the use of mid-range tractors such as the MF 385 2WD to sort out their farming duties without ever having to worry about problems like overheating. This tractor is affordable and for sure value for money.

Massey Ferguson tractors are a classic choice

The Massey Ferguson tractors have a long history in the field of agriculture as they were first manufactured in 1957. Since then, these tractors have become a farm-favourite due to their reliable and optimum performance.

Investing in a good tractor is of great importance for farmers to not only achieve value for money but also accomplish farming tasks in a timely manner. Several agricultural industries have benefitted from the use of brand new tractors that serve a variety of purposes in a farm, especially when used alongside farm implements. These tractors have unique features that make them stand out from any other brand of tractors.

The MF 385 2WD is a reliable tractor model that promises optimum performance and is long-lasting. It requires minimum maintenance and its fuel costs are relatively low.

A Massey Ferguson sub-compact tractor is a good fit for Kenyan farmers and their needs. Smallholder farms can especially gain from the use of this versatile tractor model which can easily be bought from any tractor company in Kenya. Get in touch for a wide variety of tractors for sale in Kenya.

Massey Ferguson Tractor 375 2WD for Sale in Kenya

375 tractors massey ferguson
Massey Ferguson tractor 375 2WD for sale

When a farmer is looking for a tractor fit for his farm, he takes into account its efficiency, durability, performance, and convenience. The Massey Ferguson tractors match the standards set by modern farmers and enable them to accomplish their farming goals with timeliness. With a long history in the farming business, a Massey Ferguson tractor sets itself apart as a strong and heavy-duty tractor worth buying.

MF 375 2WD and its impressive specifications

Some of its models stand taller than others, like the MF 375 2WD model, which comes with a hydrostatic power steering, enabling a comfortable and smooth driving experience. This model features a hydraulically actuated multi-disc brake system, with a robust straddle rear axle as well as a heavy-duty front axle. Its high-performance diesel engine comes with four cylinders and a dual high capacity fuel filter. Its engine is a premium, heavy-duty one that promises longevity, no matter how adverse the working conditions may be. This fuel-efficient tractor also features a spacious operator’s area and a spring suspension seat.

The MF 375 2WD becomes more productive when used along with farm implements, such as a swinging drawbar, pintle hook, front-end weights, and a sun canopy.

Discounted prices for Kenyan farmers

Massey Ferguson offers this 75 horsepower tractor with an engine power of 2000 rpm at a considerably reasonable price that Kenyan farmers can acquire at. You can get your hands on this tractor along with its compatible farm implements at any reliable tractor company in Kenya.

Traditional farming in Kenya

Kenyan farmers mostly rely on traditional farming techniques with little to no investment in agricultural equipment. This renders their productivity quite low. Kenya’s lands are arable and sufficiently fertile, hence they have the potential to garner increased outputs when tapped correctly.

In order to completely benefit from the tea-producing country’s fertile soils, farmers must invest in agricultural tractors to boost their annual yields.

Mechanization of farms for better productivity

Privately owned farms in Kenya are highly mechanized and produce export-quality products. The Massey Ferguson tractors are a common name in most of Kenya’s private and commercially owned farms due to their impressive performance. The MF 375 2WD tractor of 75 horsepower offers incredible versatility and longevity.

Kenyan farmers who are on a low budget have nothing to worry about, as this tractor guarantees value for money. It performs efficiently and consumes minimum fuel with relatively low maintenance costs. You might mistake this tractor for a higher horsepower one due to its efficiency.

Massey Ferguson tractors are a solid name in the agriculture

The Massey Ferguson tractors feature advanced technology four-valve cylinder engines that meet the Tier 4 – interim emission standards. These tractors also occupy the top spot when it comes to environmental friendliness. Its clean air technology features are something to brag about. The MF 2WD features a great cab design offering convenient space that enhances visibility. If you are a farmer on the lookout for the best tractor for sale in Kenya, then this one is the best option for you. Get in touch with local tractor dealers in Kenya to bring home your brand new tractor.

Why Buy a Tractor in Agriculture Field

Massey Ferguson Tractors with farm implements

Tractors are considered a necessity in agriculture and have been providing services in farms since decades. Tractors have mechanised agriculture and perform a wide variety of tasks like ploughing, harvesting, field maintenance, spreading fertiliser, routine lawn care, etc.

Massey Ferguson Tractors with farm implements

Use of Agricultural Tractors

Both small farms, as well as large scale farms, can benefit from the use of agricultural tractors. Tractors come in a versatile horsepower range. Farmers can choose from a wide variety of compact, subcompact, utility or high horsepower tractors according to their specific needs. The tractors available in ranges of 15 hp to 40 hp are used for harvesting, ploughing and other heavy-duty tasks. Whereas, the smaller and compact versions are suitable for gardening and mowing tasks.

On the other hand, the diesel or utility tractors are suited for complex farming tasks with horsepower ranging from 45 hp to 110 hp. Farm implements are mounted to diesel tractors to get various jobs done.

The Massey Ferguson tractors are a durable and versatile option as they are equipped to perform several simples to complex tasks on a daily basis. Fuel efficiency is also a plus.

Durability and Strength of Brand New Tractors

Farmers can benefit from the use of tractors, especially in tough farming tasks. Running over rough terrains is not challenging anymore, thanks to brand new tractors of extra strength and durability. Their powerful engines are designed to run over rough and uneven land as well as haul heavy loads with ease. Power steering and special shift controls have simplified farm operations to quite an extent.

Modern tractors like the Massey Ferguson and New Holland tractors are prone to less wear and tear over the years as compared to their predecessors.

An integral part of Modern Farming

The term “modern agriculture” simply does not sit well without the mention of tractors.

Tractors are an integral part of agriculture as they raise productivity and yields significantly. According to modern farmers, best farming is only possible with the help of agricultural tractors.

Tractors are a substitute for labour as they provide the machine power for farming tasks. Routine maintenance, as well as complex farming tasks such as cultivation, ploughing and harvesting, are now done quickly with the use of tractors.

An asset for agro-based economies

Agricultural economies rely on the use of tractors and various farm implements in order to flourish. The use of tractors has improved overall farming, leading to higher yields. Several countries have been able to achieve self-sustenance and food security through a tremendous increase in their production due to tractors. Due to their remarkable role in farming, tractors are a must-have product that can easily be purchased from any local tractor dealer in your country. The Massey Ferguson tractors and the New Holland tractors are reliable brands in the agriculture field and can be found at any tractor company in your region. Get your hands on your brand new tractor now and improve your farming without wasting any more time.

What is the best tractor company?

Tractors PK is one of the best tractor dealers that offer Brand New Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale in African countries especially in Botswana, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Cameroon, Angola, Algeria, South Sudan, Mozambique, etc.

Why Massey Ferguson is Favourite among Farmers

Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale

It is no secret that tractors are essential agricultural machinery used extensively in modern farming. The Massey Ferguson tractors have been around since 1957, available in a diverse range of series. But is a Massey Ferguson tractor worth it?

The Massey Ferguson tractors are known for their durability and are easy to maintain. Farmers worldwide use them for a variety of farming purposes. They are reliable tractors that have served a majority of agricultural industries worldwide.

Massey Ferguson 385 4WD Tractors

A Versatile Product Range

Massey Ferguson tractors come in several horsepower models as they range from subcompact, compact, mid-range, and utility tractors. These tractors are used with a diverse range of farm implements produced by the same manufacturers to serve a variety of purposes. When these farm horses are used along with various farm implements, they become more productive and versatile.

Long-lasting and Durable

When rating the quality of a tractor, one must take into account its durability, warranty, efficiency, design, reliability, and productivity. And the Massey Ferguson tractor does not disappoint. Farmers around the world are more likely to opt for Massey Ferguson tractors as opposed to their counterparts due to their incredible performance and longevity.

The Massey Ferguson tractors are valued for money as even the compact and utility tractors perform much efficiently as compared to high horsepower tractors of other brands. You can also get your hands on a Massey Ferguson tractor of 200-215 horsepower ranges if you want to go all out. The brand’s product range is quite impressive with tractors ranging from 22 hp to 225 hp. It includes several series of compact, mid-range, low horsepower, and high horsepower series.

Powerful Engines with Advanced Technological Features

The engines are equipped with advanced technology that has simplified farming processes. These engines are built according to the Tier 4 – interim emission standards and are environmentally friendly. The four-cylinder engines guarantee fuel efficiency with optimum performance. The Massey Ferguson tractors have built a remarkable image over the years due to their powerful engines.

Massey Ferguson’s transmission system is one of the best you can get your hands on, as it comes with high working speed without having to repeatedly step on the clutch pedal. This translates into a durable tractor that is susceptible to less damage and wears, keeping maintenance costs at bay.

Warranty and Support

Massey Ferguson tractors are a favourite among farmers due to their impressive build and quality. With experience of several decades in the agriculture industry, the tractors come with a two-year warranty and 24/7 support offered by local tractor dealers worldwide.

Massey Ferguson tractors are farm workhorses that perform a significant amount of workload every day. A Massey Ferguson tractor stands out from the crowd due to its sturdy build and impressive reputation with users spread all across the world. Get your hands on your brand new tractor by getting in touch with a local tractor company in your region.

What is the best tractor company?

Tractors PK is one of the best tractor dealers/companies that offers the Brand New Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale in African countries especially in Botswana, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Cameroon, Angola, Algeria, South Sudan, Mozambique, etc.

Massey Ferguson Tractor Dealers / Companies in Botswana

tractor with disc plough farm Implements
Massey Ferguson Tractor Dealers / Suppliers in Botswana

Where to Find 2021 Model Massey Ferguson Tractors in Botswana

There are several local tractor dealers and companies based in Botswana and running mid-level to the large level of agriculture business in the following major cities:

  1. Gaborone
  2. Francistown
  3. Maun
  4. Selebi-Phikwe
  5. Serowe
  6. Molepolole
  7. Lobatse
  8. Kanye
  9. Mahalapye
  10. Palapye

And many other major cities and towns in Botswana.

Looking for Massey Ferguson Tractor Dealers / Companies in Botswana?

There are too many Massey Ferguson Tractor dealers, companies, and wholesalers in the country of Botswana. You are in the right place if you are looking to buy Massey Ferguson tractors and agricultural farm equipment at an affordable price.

Tractors PK started agricultural business in 1996 and over time has developed a lot of expertise and experience in the field of Agriculture. We are mainly dealing in world top brand ‘Massey Ferguson Tractors‘ ranges from 50 to 85hp. In the past few years, Tractors PK expanded its services and start manufacturing modern farm implements or tractor attachments to speed up the process of agricultural land preparation while using these farm equipment’s i.e. disc plough, disc harrow, planters, threshers, loaders, and farm trailers, etc.

There are other several tractor companies in Botswana offering tractor parts like engine, gearbox, body parts, and farm implements parts for Massey Ferguson and other top brands as well.

We are really thankful to our valuable tractor customers and farm industry partners and supporter in the Botswana region and around the world. For Massey Ferguson Tractors and farm machinery or tractor implements in Botswana, contact Tractors PK.