Importance of Air Cleaner and its Maintenance

Air cleaner that appears unimportant plays an important role in reducing or increasing the engine life. If it is not cleaned in timely, dust particles enter the engine and mix with oil and grease to work as sandpaper to wear out the engine components. A clogged air filter becomes a barrier for air, which reduces the engine strength and increases the diesel expense by 10%. In order to conserve diesel and optimum performance of the engine, it is very important that the air cleaner is cleaned on a regular basis. There are two parts of the air cleaner:

1. Pre-Air Cleaner

The air cleaner is covered by a bowl, which is called the Pre-Air Cleaner. It catches the dust, dry grass, hay, etc and collects in the clear plastic bowl. The pre-air cleaner must be removed and cleaned everyday.
MF-240/350/260 – Pre Air Cleaner
Very Important Never pour oil in the pre-air cleaner bowl under any circumstances.

2. Air-Cleaner Assembly

a. Air-Cleaner body (which contains a permanent filter) b. Filter Element c. Oil Bath

Oil is filled in the oil bath up to the specified mark. Filter element is placed over it, and then oil bath is fitted with the air-cleaner. When the air coming through the pre-air cleaner makes contact with the oil in the oil bath, the oil passes through the filter element up to the permanent filter in the air-cleaner body, due to which the filter becomes covered with oil. The dust particles in the air flowing through stick to the oily filter, and the cleansed air enters the engine cylinder. Gradually, the oil becomes dirty due to this process.

Daily before use, remove the oil bath to check the oil level and its condition. If the oil is below the required level, then fill the bath with more oil. If the oil is thick with dust, then empty the oil, remove oil bath, air cleaner body, and filter element to clean thoroughly with kerosene. After cleaning refill the oil bath up to the mark and attach to the air-cleaner.

Very Important

  • Daiy check oil in the oil bath daily.
  • Always use the engine oil in the air-cleaner.
  • Always after 100 hours, clean the oil bath, air-cleaner body, and filter element with kerosene. It improves the engine performance.
Oil Lever (oil bath)