Method of Running-in and Driving the Tractor

  • Do not drive the tractor to farm or home immediately after taking delivery. Have it carried on a truck instead.
  • Operate tractor at 75% load from the beginning. Prior to this, drive the tractor in 3rd gear and at full depth in an already ploughed field
  • If a trolley is to be pulled then 75%, then the trolley could be filled with weight up to 75% of its capacity. After using the tractor for the first 30 hours, have the nearest dealer or authorized workshop service the tractor for the first time.

  Very Important Under no circumstance operate the tractor empty (without load), nor keep the engine running idle for long periods of time.

How to Operate the Tractor

  • Press the clutch pedal completely with your foot, shift the tractor in first gear, and select the smaller levers (Low or High) as needed.
  • Release hand brake
  • Now increase the engine revolution slowly with the help of foot throttle and simultaneous release the clutch slowly until fully released and your foot is off it
Clutch Pedal MF-240/260
Hand Brake MF-240/350/260