Air Lock and how to Remove it from the fuel system of tractor

If air somehow enters fuel system of the tractor, it stops the fuel-supply and in turn stops the engine. This is called ‘engine is air-locked’. It is important to remove this air from the fuel system before restarting the tractor.

1. Reason for Air-Lock

  • Empty diesel tank.
  • Closed diesel stop-cock.
  • Choked / closed fuel filters.
  • Loose fuel pipes, nuts and bolts.

2. How to Remove the Air-Lock

  • Tighten all pipes and nuts of the fuel system.
  • First open the upper Vent Plug of the primary fuel filter and pump the fuel lift pump of the priming lever, so that airless diesel starts to flow. Close the Vent Plug.
  • Now loosen the two screws on the fuel injection pump and keep moving the priming lever until diesel without air bubble begins to flow out. First tighten the lower screw and then the upper one.
  • First loosen high pressure pump of the cylinder’s the automizer.
  • Start the tractor with the key and tighten the high pressure pipe as the engine sound becomes clearer/ stable.

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