Engine Temperature of John Deere/ New Holland/ Massey Ferguson Tractors

The designated temperature of diesel engine is 80 to 85oC. To maintain this temperature, there is a valve called ‘thermostat’ in the engine. Never detach it from the tractor under any circumstance. Engine parts have been manufactured to operate at a specific temperature, and the engine may be harmed if the temperature falls under or rises above this temperature. Commonly the inexperienced or ill trained mechanics remove this valve from the engine, which cause the engine to operate at cold temperature. Engine operation at low temperature causes faster wear out of the piston rings and liners, and soon the engine becomes useless. Experiments have demonstrated that operating the engine at 40o C instead of 80oC wears out the piston rings twice as fast. Meaning, the service repairs commonly need after four years becomes necessary after just two years. Moreover, the cold engine operation increases the diesel consumption by 5%.

Thermostat valve MF-240/350/260
Thermostat valve MF-375/385/385-4WD
The valve is close due to engine being cold
Valve is open when the engine is warm at the prescribed temperature