Proper Air Pressure in the Tyres and its Importance

In order to get proper performance out of the tractor, the proper air pressure in the tires is very important because engine power is wasted when the air pressure is low or high, and required productivity is not obtained, either. It is important for every tractor owner to have an air gauge and a manual air pump handy.  Improper air pressure can cause the following harm:

  • Tire life is reduced and these crack at the sides.
  • It causes unnecessary load on the engine which overheats the engine.
  • The tractor emits smoke and does not pull well.
  • Diesel consumption is increased and time is wasted as well.
  • Parts of the field remain un-ploughed.
  • Rear tires slip during operation, which causes more wear out.
Use the instructions below to maintain proper air pressure in  Massey Ferguson tractors

Tractor Model Air Pressure Tyres Size
Front Tyres Rear Tyres
With Plough With Trolley With Plough With Trolley Front Tries Rear Tires
MF-240 26 psi 26 psi 14 psi 18 psi
6.00 – 16 6PR
12.4/11–28 6PR
MF-350 26 psi 26 psi 14 psi 18 psi
6.00 – 16 6PR
14.9/13–28 6PR
MF-260 28 psi 28 psi 14 psi 18 psi
7.50 – 16 6PR
14.9/13–28 6PR
MF-375 30 psi 30 psi 12 psi 18 psi
7.50 – 16 6PR
16.9/14–30 6PR
MF-385 30 psi 26 psi 12 psi 18 psi
7.50 – 16 6PR
18.4/15–30 6PR
MF-385 4WD 12 psi 18 psi 12 psi 18 psi
12.4–11–24 12PR
18.4/15–30 6PR


If there is additional load on the front part of the tractor, as the front-end loader or front blade is used, inflate the front tires to 40 psi. Using oil or grease to clean the tires reduces their life. Water is sufficient to clean these.