Maintenance of Radiator and Oil Cooler in Massey Ferguson Tractors

Just like the radiator, to cool the oil with air, there is an oil cooler installed in the MF260. In the MF375S/385/385 4WD, oil is cooled with an oil cooler that uses water instead of air.
Oil Cooler MF-260
Oil Cooler MF-385/385 4WD
The radiator and oil cooler grills in the MF260 should be checked frequently. If foreign object / debris is found stuck on them; clean with compressed air or water with less than 100 Psi pressure. When cleaning the grills, make sure the side panels are removed so the dust and debris stuck on them could find a way out. Always use the air / water pressure from behind the grills, so the garbage could be pushed out from the front. Never use diesel to clean the grills. Simple soapy water is enough for cleansing.

Radiator Grill MF-240