Checking and Changing the Transmission and Hydraulic Oil for tractor

  • To check the transmission oil, it is important to park the tractor on a level surface and turn off the engine.
  • Remove and clean the small gauge (dipstick) under the driver seat with a cloth.
  • Reinsert and remove the gauge and hold it tilted to check the oil level. In case of low level, replenish the oil.
  • If you plan to use the tractor only to plough or pull trolleys, then maintain the oil level anywhere in the zone marked on the gauge as XX, as shown in the picture labeled ‘B’. if you wish to use the oil in the gearbox to operate any external instruments, for example front blade and tipping trolley etc, then in that case the oil mark should be at the ‘Max’ level ‘C’; as shown in the figure.

Very Important

  • You must have the transmission oil changed after hours from a reputable workshop.
  • Not changing the oil allows the iron dust, mixed with the oil, to ruin the gearbox and the hydraulic system parts.
  • After the first 600 hours, have the transmission oil changed by a recognized workshop.
  • Changing the hydraulic oil after completing every 600 hours, and clean the hydraulic pump filter with diesel.
  • MF240/350 has a capacity of 33 liters for the transmission/hydraulic oil, whereas MF260/375/385 can hold 36 liters, and MF385 4WD reservoir can hold 42 liters.
  • For external hydraulic components in the MF240/350, the oil capacity is 36 liters, whereas 39 liters in MF260/375/385, and 45 liters in MF385 4WD.
MF-240/260/375 Provision for changing Transmission / Hydraulic oil MF-385S/385 4WD Provision for changing Transmission / Hydraulic oil
Drain Plug Drain Plug
Opening for filling the Oil MF-240/260/375S Opening for filling the Oil MF-385/385 4WD

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