Changing the Engine Oil Of John Deere/ New Holland/ Massey Ferguson Tractors

The most important task in maintenance of the tractor is changing the engine oil on time. Change the oil according to the prescribed schedule in the maintenance booklet. Check the engine oil level daily before starting work.  There are two marks on the dipstick; MIN is written on one and MAX at the other. The engine oil level should never be less than MIN or higher than MAX. The tractor must be parked on a level plane when checking the oil level.  When changing the oil follow the instructions given in the booklet for changing the oil; change the oil filter as well.

Location of checking the engine oil M-F240/350 MF-240/350/260 (MIN, MAX) MF-375/385 (MIN, MAX)
Location of checking the engine oil MF-260
Location of checking the engine oil MF-385/385