Checking Water Level of the Radiator in Tractor

  • Before checking the water level in the radiator, it is very important to have the tractor engine turned off; because removing the radiator pressure cap quickly when the engine is hot, the gushing boiling water may harm you.
  • Remove the radiator cap with the bonnet flap raised up. If the water level is low, then fill up with normal drinking water
  • If water change is needed, remove the drain plug located at the bottom right side of the radiator

Importance of the Radiator Cap

The radiator is a very important part of the temperature maintenance system. There are two valve-springs in the cap. One of the valves lets out the steam from the heated water and the other allows external air in, so vacuum is not created during the cooling process after engine is turned off. Commonly due to lack of knowledge about importance of the radiator cap, when the tractor’s original one is lost or broken, the owners replace it with any common cap that fits. This is harmful for the engine.
Radiator Cap
Very Important (Instructions for the Cold Climates) If you use the tractor in a cold climate, then is very important to use the anti-freeze is used according to the instructions, or drain the water from the radiator at night and refill with fresh water in the morning before operating the tractor.

Water Filling Locations