Method and Sequence of Changing the Engine Oil and Filter in Tractor

  • Before changing the engine oil, it is important for the tractor to be properly warmed so oil is thinned and carries out the iron and carbon particles along with it.
  • Park the tractor on a level surface and turn off the engine.
  • Remove the drain plug located under the engine sump and drain the oil completely.
  • Remove oil filter with Filter Remover.
  • Clean the filter body thoroughly with a cloth, remove the old rubber ring and replace with a new ring.
  • After filling the new filter with oil, tighten with the filter body.
Oil Filter MF-240/350
Oil Filter MF-260
Oil Filter MF-375/385/3854WD
Slowly fill fresh oil through the oil-inlet until it starts to come out of the oil drain plug hole. Immediately re-plug the drain tightly.
Oil Filter MF-240/350
Oil Filter MF-260
Oil Filter MF-375/385/385 4WD
  • Now pour more oil until it reaches the “Max” level marked on the dipstick.
  • The oil level must be somewhere between the “Min” and “Max” marks on the dipstick. However, it must never be below the “Min” mark or above the “Max” mark.
Location of checking the engine oil MF-240/350
MF-240/350/260 (MIN, MAX)
MF-375/385 (MIN, MAX)
  • Always use the oil in the engine accordingly.
  • The MF-240/350/260 engines hold 6.8 liters of oil, whereas MF-375/385/385 4WD hold 7.5 liters.