Global Warming And Its Effect On Farming

Global Warming is defined as a rise in the atmospheric temperature of the earth due to the change of climate which is seriously caused by greenhouse emissions and industrial pollutants. These greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and the burning of fossil fuel are core reasons in widening a gaping hole in the ozone layer which is causing the increase of intensity of sunlight heat on the planet.

The function of the ozone layer is to provide a protective shield that absorbs the ultra-violet radiation which passes through it to the earth. The cutting of trees (Deforestation) is also a prime reason for global warming in the world. Trees have gifted characteristics of absorbing harmful carbon and producing fresh oxygen for the necessary survival of human beings. Removal of trees will have an adverse impact on climate which will cause a drastic change in seasonal weather with the severity of heat and cold in many different countries and regions of the globe.

The worst effect of global warming would be a rise in sea levels, melting of ice glaciers, heavy rain, and snowfall, an increase in desert areas, droughts, and heavy flood storms. This will put a great impact on animal wildlife, human agriculture, forestry, water resources, and health.

Agriculture Farming will have a devastating effect on global warming as it will provide a disastrous situation of shortage of food supply. The land crops will be ruined for a reason of excessive rainfalls. It will create an inability to cultivate the land for plantation.

The food deficiency will provide a poor provision supply which will increase the extreme level of poverty in the world. The 3 to 5 degree Celsius global warming will be going to have a serious impact on agriculture farming with a decrease in yield crops, vegetation, and cultivation.

The continuous rise of temperature will cause a reduction in the nutritional value of food crops with a decrease in proteins and essential minerals in plant crops such as wheat, soybeans, and rice. This will also increase the number of pesticides to damage field crops.

Although global warming is providing a harmful effect on nature, there are some better ways to protect the world such as tree plantation and eco-friendly environment. The process of reforestation will surely provide a healthy environment by producing a good amount of oxygen and also provide green shade protection from direct heat and sunlight for a safer world. Waste recycling can also help make a clean and tidy eco-green environment to protect global warming in the world.