Why to Purchase a Brand New Tractors ???

Purchasing a new tractor is often times a very difficult and hectic decision to make for farmers. It is a onetime profitable investment which requires a lifetime saving for many farmers in the world especially in the African countries. Buying a brand new tractor always saves a lot of money on the cost of over and over maintenance. It is equipped with the most modern, innovative, and advanced features like power steering and increased horse power diesel fuel engine. The new tractors are always easy to buy in break down installments. They also provide a year warranty in case of any kind of repair. There are four main reasons to buy a brand new tractor:


  1. Durability and Power
  2. Versatility
  3. Advanced Transmission
  4. Increased Efficiency
Massey Ferguson Tractors

Durability and Power

The first and the foremost benefit of buying a brand new farm tractor is to have increased horse power capacity like 50 to 85 HP in the latest model tractors. The durability is another major factor of purchasing a shining new brand tractor. It provides a warranty of one year with last long reliability for farmers to have an ease and peace of mind.


The brand new tractors offer a versatile option and wide choices of various different new models to buy from. It offers a whole new range of tractors with latest upgraded features for customers.

Advanced Transmission

Many modern innovative design tractors are equipped with advanced power shift transmission and hydrostatic transmission with power steering system. The new tractors come with sliding spur transmission consisting of 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears with a dual clutch type.

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency is the prime reason for purchasing a new brand tractor. It provides an extremely efficient performance in carrying out the routine farming activities for farmers such as plowing, planting, and tilling. Used Tractors requires repetitive maintenance which put a bad impact on the farming performance and also cost them on excessive money expenditure. The other thing is that they are older model tractors and do not possess better updated features. The depreciation value is also a key factor in wear and tear of used agriculture tractors. The repeated and periodic overhauling results in decrease in efficiency and performance.


New Holland tractors


The reconditioned tractors are completely replaced tractors which require extensive and thorough repairing. They also cost a lot of money and time for a complete overhauling process. They cause a mental disturbance to many farmers who cannot afford constant maintenance charges and need a peace of mind by a onetime tractor purchase. Tractors PK is a tractor provider company initiated to provide an ease to farmers by simplifying their tasks and offering them affordable top brands tractors like Massey Ferguson and New Holland. We help farmers to have a better earning and inspire them for a prosperous livelihood. We are basically global dealers and exporters of Brand New Tractors and implements with a wide demand in all over African Countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Botswana, Ghana and the Nigeria.