Evolution Of Tractors: From Oxen To Machinery

Tractors have become a very important part in the agriculture business as it is machine which needed for everyday use. In the beginning when tractors were not invented oxen and buffalo’s were used for ploughing the field and pulling heavy objects but this was very tiring for the person as well as the animals and the output was very low.
Since the tractors were invented lives of the farmers were made very easy as they didn’t have to do most of the heavy work as the tractor could do it with ease. The first tractors were introduced in the 19th century when steam engines were used to power the tractor, these were very useful and it was only the first step to make more advanced and heavy duty tractors.
Oxen to machinery
With the introduction of tractors cultivation and other farm work was made easy and it could be done at a higher speed thus
increasing the output. By the end of the 1860s the new and evolved form of tractor engines had been invented and it was widely used for agricultural purposes.
Steam powered tractors were a great innovation but it didn’t have enough power to operate in all sorts of conditions, in many places often a pair of tractors were used which would pull different implements together may be because it was too heavy for them. However steam powered tractors became a huge hit in the United States and it was used by many of the farmers. Steam powered tractors remained in use for a very long time until the 20th century when internal combustion engines were invented.
The first Gasoline powered tractor was introduced in 1892 by John Froelich. He used a Van Duzen single-cylinder gasoline engine was set on a Robinson engine chassis which could be controlled by a gear box. However his engine didn’t receive positive reviews and by 1895 he went out of business. The idea of a gas engine was not a failure and was adopted by many inventors, Dan Al bone who was a British inventor built the first successful gasoline powered engine in 1901 and when he filed a patent on 15 February 1902 and formed his agricultural company. 
Tractors have always been evolved and it was till 1926 when Harry Ferguson started his company called the Ferguson Brown Company. He later on accepted collaboration with ford and introduced a new line of Ford-Ferguson tractors.