Before starting the tractor daily

    • Have you checked and replenished the engine oil?


    • Have you checked the transmission / hydraulic oil?


    • Have you removed deposits from glass cup of the diesel filter?


    • Have cleaned the pre-air cleaner?


    • Have you checked and replenished oil in the air-cleaner oil bath?


    • Have you checked diesel level in the diesel tank and replenished it?


    • Have you checked the fan-belt tension?


Every Week check before starting the tractor…

    • Have you checked and replenished the radiator fluid?


    • Have you checked and cleaned the radiator and oil-cooler grills?


    • Have you greased all the grease points?


    • Have you checked and corrected the tire pressure according to the prescribed limits?


    • Have you checked the water level in the battery?

VERY IMPORTANT If any of the aforementioned have not been done, leave everything and complete the measures before starting the engine.

Daily and Weekly tips before starting the Massey Ferguson Tractors