How to Change the Diesel Filter in Tractor

Diesel filters are placed on the left side of the tractors. The glass cup filter is called the ‘primary filter’ and the other one is called the ‘secondary filter’. Check the primary filter daily, if you find water or dust in the diesel then manually open the drain tap under the glass cup to drain the dirty diesel. Stop cock of the diesel tap must be open during while draining the diesel. Daily cleaning of the diesel this way protects important and expensive parts like fuel injection pump and atomizers. Before installing the diesel filter, first and foremost it is important to close the diesel tank’s stop-cock. Remove the small bolt on top of the filter body with the key provided, and separate the filter. Replace the small rubber ring with a new ring. Similarly after replacing the two bigger rings place the new diesel filter and tighten the bolt. Open the diesel tank’s stop cock, manual restore the diesel supply in the fuel line by pumping the priming lever of the fuel lift pump.
Very Important Change the diesel filters regularly on timely basis and use only genuine filters. Never use polluted oil.
1) Center bolt 2) Filter head 3) Filter 4) Glass cup 5) Drain tap