Crops of Africa – Agriculture Farming

The Vast Arable Land of Africa has long been an origin of producing diverse variations of crops which have been exported to global customers worldwide. Today, it provides feed to the largely growing population of the African continent by means of mechanized agricultural farming covering a wide area of land for cultivating all different kinds of cereal, vegetable, and fruit cash crops. There are countless species of crops grown on African land mainly cultivated crops are named as Sorghum Bicolor, Yam, Millet, Maize, and Cassava. Sorghum Bicolor is a native African field crop originated from Nigeria and better known as Camel of Crops because of the reason of commonly planted in tropical dry soil as well as good temperature and high altitude environment. It highly contributes to providing high-quality nutritious feed for 500 million people in more than 30 countries all around the world. This edible staple food crop is beneficially used for animal fodder such as poultry and cattle feed.

As a high nutritional value human food diet, it is used as an excellent resource of a fulfilled meals such as porridge, couscous, fermented bread, and snacks fully enriched with proteins, zinc, iron, phosphorous, and vitamin B –Complex. Yam is a kind of tropical tuber root crop having a cylindrical shape and rounded ends mostly cultivated in central, western, and eastern African regions. It is a largely grown crop in Sub-Saharan Africa with 54 million tons and mostly produced in Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, and Cote D’Ivoire. It helps in increasing soil fertility by means of weather conditions, seed quality, planting density, and many other related factors. It offers multi-nutritional value in food such as potassium, vitamin b6, manganese, thiamin, and vitamin C.

The Yam prepared meals are Amala, Pounded Yam, Fried Yam, Palm Oil Yam, and Roasted Yam. Some other popular Yam Varieties are White Yam, Chinese Yam, Bitter Yam, and Cush-Cush Yam. Millet is a whole cereal grain crop ideally used for both human food and animal fodder. It is mostly grown in the semi-arid tropical areas of Africa especially in Nigeria, Mali, Sudan, Ethiopia, Senegal, and Burkina Faso. It is a small-grained warm weather cereal food staple crop that is highly tolerant to drought and requires extreme weather conditions for cultivation.

The widely grown millet crop is pearl millet some other famous crop species are finger millet, proso millet, and foxtail millet. It contains an excellent nutritional value and mainly used in multiple varieties of food cuisines such as millet porridge. Maize is a cereal grain crop mostly planted in cold-tolerant temperature zones especially in the spring season. It has a shallow root system and basically dependent on soil moisture as a water-efficient crop. It is also commonly known as corn which is a highly beneficial edible food meal for humans composed of a rich amount of nutrients and used in corn oil, popcorn, sweet corn, corn flakes (breakfast cereal), porridge, snacks, and gluten-free bread. Some other commercial uses are herbal supplements, plastics, fabrics, adhesives, and biofuels.

Cassava is a highly valuable tropical root cash crop that provides a major source of food dietary energy from its starch. Africa produces 93 percent of the cassava in the world which is the highest consumed proportion of global cassava production. It is widely used in food, flour, animal feed, textile, and prepared foods. It is an essential food crop for both rural and urban populations of Sub-Saharan Africa such as Nigeria, Mozambique, Zambia, Congo, Ghana, Malawi, and Tanzania. It can be consumed as Root Cassava, Dried Cassava, and Cassava Leaves and contains a source of nutrients like Carbohydrates, Fiber, Thiamin, Phosphorous, iron, vitamin C, Potassium, Zinc, and Calcium. These are all essential food crops natively produced on African Land and helps provide food fulfills the challenging demand of the growing population of the country to have a healthy nutritious diet food.

Hand Tractor for Cultivating

What is hand tractor in agriculture?

Hand Tractor is a manually operated tractor tilling machine used for cultivating a bigger area of land. It is also popularly known as power tiller which is attached with high powered motorized horsepower engine 2-wheel tractor controlled by an operating person walking behind it for propelling a tractor ahead. It is a single axle walking type handheld tractor designed for performing difficult laborious farming chores such as turning, aerating, and cultivating the soil for easy planting crops and offers a tremendous capacity of preparing about 1 hectare of land in 8 to 10 hours of the specified time.

In which year the concept of power tiller was introduced?

Hand-Held Power Tiller was initially introduced in the year 1920 and later on launched in Japan in 1947 with a basic core purpose of aerating and preparing the soft fertile productive soil for harvesting with maximum yield crops. It is built with sets of sharp-edged blades known as tines composed of four curving cutting blades in opposite directions which are mounted on a gasoline or electric motor powered tractor for deeply piercing inside a lumpy clogged soil for rotating and inverting it to make a smooth and soft soil surface for easy plantation.

How do the tractor tilling machines help in farming?

The basic idea is to prepare nutrient-enriched fertile soil for growing crops for a healthy meal for customers. This multi-purpose light-duty hand tractor power tiller can be used for versatile agriculture farming task operations such as plow discs, soil leveler, thresher, and trailers. The core benefits of hand power tiller are an expansion of cultivable land, improved farming operations with ease of task execution, time-saving for farmers with less labor exhaustion, and more task efficiency. It provides key functions of tilling, loosening, ridging, furrowing, weeding, digging, cultivating, and can be used for any kind of hard, soft, moist, muddy, and paddy soil field. Moreover, it can help in growing a huge variety of crops such as tea, bamboo, banana, corn, potato, coconut, tomato, tapioca, and vegetables with a wide export market demand in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Central Africa, and South America.

Hand Tractor is an easy to use tool ideal for agriculture farmers to smoothly perform all kinds of farming operations with no more exhaustion. It provides a lot of efficiencies and executes tasks quickly in less period of time. It is the best choice for all farmers around the world for easily performing difficult farming tasks with a high-performance electric power engine for quality yield crop plantation for better productivity.

Farm Vehicles Used for Agriculture Farming

Farm Vehicles are mechanized vehicles mainly used for agriculture farming and ranching purposes. In the modern technological era of today, it is now a better practice for global farmers to save time and effort and use mechanized farming equipment which provides an extreme level of task efficiency with an increase of productivity. Following are some of the essential farm vehicles,


The primary use of tractor on the farm is to basically carry goods from one place to another place. A chicken poultry farm can use a tractor to carry the eggs and meat and other processed products either to the market or to the end-user. Using a tractor for this operation has two core reasons, one is that tractor can pull a lot more weight compared to a vehicle, and secondly, it can also be used for the farming at the same time so the tractor is two in one machinery which can perform multiple tasks while being economically feasible to keep and maintain. Apart from essential farming tasks, a tractor has many different usages in vegetable farms, fruit orchard farms, crop farms, and home gardening for lawn mowing purposes. Different kinds of implements are also attached with a farm tractor for maximizing efficiency and ease of operation such as loaders, discs, ploughs, and harrows for executing multiple tasks in an instant manner.


The trailer serves a basic purpose of towing attachment with a tractor in farming for easily transporting stuff to any area in a whole farm. It can be attached to any kind of tractor and used in carrying a bulk amount of goods from one place to another. 

Tipping Trailer

Farm Tipping Trailer provides the best usage in transporting soil, sand, hay, fertilizers, wood, and timber from a single place to another in a farm area. It offers ease of loading and hydraulic lifting capacity of a bulk amount of goods. Moreover, it also serves the purpose of green waste garbage collection and provides a towing attachment as an implement of a tractor.

Farm Trolley

Farm Trolley is a farming vehicle used for carrying goods from one place to another. It provides easy towing capacity with tractor attachment and transports a large amount of stuff. It can be easily moved around on a farm to any area and used in multiple farming applications. Farming Vehicles are designed to save time and labor effort and attached with a tractor for moving goods to any place in a specified farm area. These are tractor attached towing implements for carrying farming goods with much ease of loading capacity.

How Tractors Assist In Dairy Farming

Dairy Farming is an exclusive category of farming that provides a complete cycle of producing, processing, and delivering dairy products especially milk. Milk is the largest dairy product retrieved from dairy farms by taking good care of animals. Other than milk, there are plenty of dairy products also produced such as cheese, butter, and curd. It requires a whole process of milk production and distribution to consumers. It has a background history dated back from 11,000 years ago where cattle were used to breed in a domestic home environment for a purpose of milk production.

The cows are fed with organic feed to enable them to give out a maximum amount of milk. Apart from cows, there are also some other animal species used for milking such as goats, sheep, and camels. There are many different ways of milking including hand milking, vacuum bucket milking, milking pipelines, milking parlors, and fully automatic robotic milking.

what is the uses of agricultural equipment?

Tractors and farm implements

agriculture equipment used for plouging, harvesting, tilling and cultivating field crops. They have also plenty of usages in other kinds of farming like cattle farming and dairy farming. They play a pivotal role in the dairy farming industry as they provide extensive assistance to farmers in performing various kinds of tasks such as pumping out of milk from the mammary glands of cows, storage, and delivery. They also provide immense help in cleaning out of barns and milking parlor as well as harvesting of agriculture field crops.

There is also much use of implements attachments in dairy farming, for instance, hayfork which can be easily mounted on the front side of the tractor to manually remove hay used for animal fodder. Some implements can also be attached to the rear side of tractors like manure spreaders and seeders for chopping outfeed for animals. The trailer can also be attached to a tractor for ease of dairy milk delivery transportation to the processing plant for a channel distribution to customers.

Tractors PK have been providing core assistance to farmers from all over the world whether in Tanzania or Botswana, Be a traditional farmer or a dairy farmer. Our tractors and implements have been used by the farmer of all scales. Our dedication and quality in this regard has been fruitful for both ends. If you would like to know about our agricultural tractors and implements please do kindly contact us on the following and our experienced sales staff will quickly get in touch with you.

Top Farm Tractors Export from Pakistan to Africa

Tractors Export from Pakistan

Pakistan is a growing market of major farm tractors exports as it has an increasing demand and value among customers. The Made in Pakistan tractors are heavily exported to various countries of the world including Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, and Ghana, etc. Being an agriculture market, Pakistan boosts a wide range of opportunities for exporting top quality reliable, and durable tractor farming machinery in both domestic and foreign countries.

What is the number 1 selling tractor?

There are some of the renowned tractor brands in Pakistan namely Massey Ferguson, New Holland, IMT Tractors, Belarus Tractors, Ursus, Euro Ford, and John Deere. Let us describe popular tractor brands exports from Pakistan to Africa:

Is Massey Ferguson a good tractor?

260 turbo massey ferguson

Massey Ferguson is the leading tractor brand in Pakistan with a huge amount of exports to various different regions of the world. It provides a versatile range of top-quality compact and medium-sized tractors according to the exact requirements of customers. It offers robust and rugged farm tractors with an extreme amount of ease and efficiency for farmers to perform all kinds of farming chores in less time. In Pakistan, it is offered with plenty of different model range such as MF 240, MF 260, MF375, MF385, and MF 385 (4WD) a variety of horsepower capacities from 55 HP to 85 HP specifications.

New Holland

New Holland is the second most notable tractor brand in Pakistan which holds significant value and demand among customers in a country. NH Tractors are specifically designed with superior quality and show a true sense of reputation and perfection. It is made of a sleek shiny rigid design structure with powerful engine performance. It is a premium class tractor brand marketed by AL-Ghazi tractors which holds a sound prestige in the agriculture market by exporting genuine quality finest tractors around the globe. It offers NH 480, NH 480 SP, NH GHAZI, and NH 640 tractors with all implements attachments.


Belarus Tractors are 4-wheeled series of tractors designed with sheer precision and sound perfection. These are highly popular brand tractors among farmers in Pakistan and known for their superior class quality and long-term durability. These tractors are offered with different varieties of tractors, specialized tractors, special-purpose machinery, and forest machinery. They are made by Minsk Tractor Works with a robust solid rugged design structure and ideally used for rural farming and loading purposes. The Belarus 510, 510.2, and 80.1 are highly demanded tractors in Pakistan.


Ursus tractors are Polish brand imported tractors and agricultural machinery including tractors, loaders, green forage straw and hyaline, spreading and fertilizers, trailers, cultivation and sowing, crop protection, as well as biomass production. These tractors possess high resale value in Pakistan with less fuel consumption, last long durability, as well as affordable repair and maintenance. The most valuable tractor models in Pakistan are Ursus 2812, 3512, and 4512.


IMT Tractors are popularly known as Industry of Machinery and Tractors manufactured in Belgrade, Serbia. It produces IMT 549, 565, and 577 Model agriculture farming tractors in Pakistan with huge market demand and value among farmers due to their solid rigid design and high-end performance.

Evolution Of Tractors: From Oxen To Machinery

Tractors have become a very important part in the agriculture business as it is machine which needed for everyday use. In the beginning when tractors were not invented oxen and buffalo’s were used for ploughing the field and pulling heavy objects but this was very tiring for the person as well as the animals and the output was very low.
Since the tractors were invented lives of the farmers were made very easy as they didn’t have to do most of the heavy work as the tractor could do it with ease. The first tractors were introduced in the 19th century when steam engines were used to power the tractor, these were very useful and it was only the first step to make more advanced and heavy duty tractors.
Oxen to machinery
With the introduction of tractors cultivation and other farm work was made easy and it could be done at a higher speed thus
increasing the output. By the end of the 1860s the new and evolved form of tractor engines had been invented and it was widely used for agricultural purposes.
Steam powered tractors were a great innovation but it didn’t have enough power to operate in all sorts of conditions, in many places often a pair of tractors were used which would pull different implements together may be because it was too heavy for them. However steam powered tractors became a huge hit in the United States and it was used by many of the farmers. Steam powered tractors remained in use for a very long time until the 20th century when internal combustion engines were invented.
The first Gasoline powered tractor was introduced in 1892 by John Froelich. He used a Van Duzen single-cylinder gasoline engine was set on a Robinson engine chassis which could be controlled by a gear box. However his engine didn’t receive positive reviews and by 1895 he went out of business. The idea of a gas engine was not a failure and was adopted by many inventors, Dan Al bone who was a British inventor built the first successful gasoline powered engine in 1901 and when he filed a patent on 15 February 1902 and formed his agricultural company. 
Tractors have always been evolved and it was till 1926 when Harry Ferguson started his company called the Ferguson Brown Company. He later on accepted collaboration with ford and introduced a new line of Ford-Ferguson tractors.



Al-Ghazi: Plowing ahead

A subsidiary of the Al-Futtaim group of Dubai, Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited is a manufacturer of New Holland tractors in technical co-operation with Case New Holland, the foremost manufacturer of agricultural tractors in the world. Being a household name amongst the farming community, AGTL has a widespread presence across Pakistan, with as many as 82 dealers and 3,000 mechanical workshops spread all over the country. Following the fiasco that was last year, AGTLs half-yearly records show that the company is on the much firmer ground this time around. While 2011 started out on a great note -with Al-Ghazi managing to post a record profit of Rs972.8 million during 1QFY11, which was incidentally the highest since its inception- the following quarters saw a crash in the market following the sudden imposition of a 16 percent sales tax on agricultural equipment.

In the months to follow, AGTL, along with other tractor manufacturers, witnessed tractor sales plummet dangerously and had to suffer long stretches of the plant closure. Fast forward nearly a year, and the second quarter ended sales of nearly Rs4.6 billion- jumping 29 percent from the same period last year – are a testament to the fact that the company is back on track following its previous trajectory of success. Whereas a comparison with sales figures from the same period last year reveals unnaturally flattering growth statistics due to the low-base effect, a comparison of sales against the same period in 2010 reveals a healthy increase of 4 percent during the 2QFY12. However, a similar comparison between FY11 and FY12 at half-year draws negatives for 2012, mainly because of the exceptional first quarter that AGTL had in FY11 which saw them selling 8,602 tractors as compared to 6,004 that were delivered during the first quarter of FY12. Following the company’s initiative to engage pro-actively with farmers and introduce a newer version of agricultural implements, sales have gone up to Rs 7.9 billion at the half year-mark and the pent-up demand from last year means that they are likely to go up higher in the coming quarters.

With profit after taxation going up to Rs596 million versus Rs510 million that was recorded during the second quarter, earnings have climbed up to Rs13.88 per share as compared to an EPS of Rs 11.89 per share recorded at the close of 2QFY11. Looking forward, production and demand for the locally manufactured agricultural implements are likely to remain strong. During the first quarter, AGTL recorded bookings for 9,234 tractors, out of which it could produce only 4,350 units. Similarly, the Sindh government has also announced the launch of the 3rd leg of its rural incentive scheme which will see the distribution of 6,000 tractors among farmers at a subsidized rate. Subsequently, the backlog of orders and demand glut for tractors is therefore likely to keep the industry steady on its feet and AGTL thriving in the coming months.

Why to Purchase a Brand New Tractors ???

Is it worth buying a new tractor?

Purchasing a new tractor is oftentimes a very difficult and hectic decision to make for farmers. It is a one-time profitable investment that requires a lifetime saving for many farmers in the world especially in the African countries. Buying a brand new tractor always saves a lot of money on the cost of over and over maintenance. It is equipped with the most modern, innovative, and advanced features like power steering and an increased horsepower diesel fuel engine. The new tractors are always easy to buy in the breakdown installments. They also provide a year warranty in case of any kind of repair. There are four main reasons to buy a brand new tractor:

  1. Durability and Power
  2. Versatility
  3. Advanced Transmission
  4. Increased Efficiency
Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale

Durability and Power

The first and the foremost benefit of buying a brand new farm tractor is to have increased horsepower capacity like 50 to 85 HP in the latest model tractors. The durability is another major factor of purchasing a shining new brand tractor. It provides a warranty of one year with last long reliability for farmers to have ease and peace of mind.


The brand new tractors offer a versatile option and wide choices of various different new models to buy from. It offers a whole new range of tractors with the latest upgraded features for customers.

Advanced Transmission

Many modern innovative design tractors are equipped with advanced power shift transmission and hydrostatic transmission with a power steering system. The new tractors come with sliding spur transmission consisting of 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears with a dual-clutch type.

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency is the prime reason for purchasing a new brand tractor. It provides extremely efficient performance in carrying out routine farming activities for farmers such as plowing, planting, and tilling. Used Tractors require repetitive maintenance which put a bad impact on farming performance and also costs them excessive money expenditure. The other thing is that they are older model tractors and do not possess better-updated features. The depreciation value is also a key factor in the wear and tear of used agriculture tractors. The repeated and periodic overhauling results in a decrease in efficiency and performance.

New Holland tractors for sale

Is it better to buy a new or used tractor?

Used or reconditioned tractors are completely replaced tractors that require extensive and thorough repairing. They also cost a lot of money and time for a complete overhauling process. They cause a mental disturbance to many farmers who cannot afford constant maintenance charges and need peace of mind by a onetime tractor purchase.

What is the best tractor company?

Tractors PK is a tractor provider company initiated to provide ease to farmers by simplifying their tasks and offering them affordable top brands tractors like Massey Ferguson and New Holland. We help farmers to have better earning and inspire them for a prosperous livelihood. We are basically global dealers and exporters of Brand New Tractors and implements with a wide demand in all over African Countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Botswana, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Agriculture Tractors

Is Massey Ferguson tractors good for agriculture?

Agriculture is a very important part of every country and in this article, we will discuss why Massey Ferguson tractors are good for agriculture. When you purchase a Massey Ferguson tractor then you are buying a complete package because these tractors are perfectly capable of doing all kinds of work and the owners of Massey Ferguson tractors are using them for their personal use, for example: when they have to transport heavy materials, machinery spare parts or goods they normally use their tractors. These tractors are also very good when you are trying to go to one village from another because their fuel efficiency is just that good and has comfortable seats and a smooth drive. However, Massey Ferguson tractors also have a way with agriculture as they do all the work like no other tractor and that is what we are here to discuss.

How do tractors help farmers?

Massey Ferguson tractors are without any doubt a blessing for the farmers, these tractors help the farmers to do all kinds of work very easily and therefore it has reduced the workload of the farmers. Many small businessmen cannot afford heavy tractors because they are very expensive that is why most of the businessmen and farmers prefer Massey Ferguson tractors which has all the features which are present in ordinary tractors and it also has the features which are present in other powerful tractors hence, it is a complete package.

Brand New MF-240 Tractors for sale

Importance of tractor in agriculture

When we talk about agriculture it is understood that the person is talking about heavy and difficult work which requires many peasants and workers. Massey Ferguson tractors reduce the workload and worker cost that’s why these tractors are ideal for small businessmen. Massey Ferguson tractors are a perfect blend of a stylish body and trendy design that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions no matter cold, hot or rainy.

New MF-360 tractors for sale new massey ferguson 360