Massey Ferguson Tractor 385 2WD for Sale in Kenya

Massey Ferguson tractor 385 2WD for sale

Massey Ferguson tractors are a well-known name in the agricultural industry. These tractors have built quite a reputation for being some of the best tractors that money can buy. African farmers go for the Massey Ferguson tractors for their day-to-day farming activities.

Impressive specifications of MF 385 2WD

Among several choices and models available at Massey Ferguson, most farmers prefer the MF 385 2WD model for its proven advantages. The MF 385 2WD is a high-performance model that runs on diesel and features a low-noise hydraulic engine. Its smoke levels are reduced and emits fewer gases. This model comes with an oil cooler which ensures effective cooling. Hydrostatic power steering is one of its many great features. It also comes with a spring suspension deluxe seat and offers easy access to service points. The MF 385 2WD has a horsepower range of 85 and a 2200 rpm engine power. It has a sliding spur transmission and comes with eight forward and two reverse gears. It is an economical tractor available for sale with local tractor dealers in Kenya.

Kenya, as a leading producer of tea and coffee, relies on its agriculture sector which happens to be a major contributor to its economy. Kenya is also the third-leading exporter of fresh vegetables and mangoes.

Kenya’s conventional agriculture sector

Kenyan farmers largely rely on conventional methods of growing agricultural produce, which results in lower yields. Smallholder farms suffer from pest and disease infestations, and weed control is also a challenge due to the inefficiency of manual labor.

These farmers can benefit from the use of mid-range tractors such as the MF 385 2WD to sort out their farming duties without ever having to worry about problems like overheating. This tractor is affordable and for sure value for money.

Massey Ferguson tractors are a classic choice

The Massey Ferguson tractors have a long history in the field of agriculture as they were first manufactured in 1957. Since then, these tractors have become a farm-favourite due to their reliable and optimum performance.

Investing in a good tractor is of great importance for farmers to not only achieve value for money but also accomplish farming tasks in a timely manner. Several agricultural industries have benefitted from the use of brand new tractors that serve a variety of purposes in a farm, especially when used alongside farm implements. These tractors have unique features that make them stand out from any other brand of tractors.

The MF 385 2WD is a reliable tractor model that promises optimum performance and is long-lasting. It requires minimum maintenance and its fuel costs are relatively low.

A Massey Ferguson sub-compact tractor is a good fit for Kenyan farmers and their needs. Smallholder farms can especially gain from the use of this versatile tractor model which can easily be bought from any tractor company in Kenya. Get in touch for a wide variety of tractors for sale in Kenya.

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