Top 10 Farm Implements are the best in the Agriculture Business in Botswana

Agricultural machinery has become an indispensable part of agriculture since the advent of farm mechanisation. Modern farms make use of agricultural equipment such as brand new tractors and farm implements for day-to-day activities in Botswana.

tractor with disc plough farm Implements

Farm implements assist labour and perform a wide range of simple and complex tasks in Botswana. Implements have been a part of agriculture since prehistoric times. Initially, a farm implement used to come as a hand-held device, however, today it is a complex device used in modern agriculture in Botswana.

There are several kinds of farm implements used in Botswana for diverse purposes. These work best when attached to Massey Ferguson and New Holland tractors. Here is a list of the top ten farm implements used in the agriculture business in Botswana.

Disc Plough

Disc plough is an essential farm implement used for tillage of the soil. A disc plough performs multiple tasks such as breaking the soil, raising it, turning the soil and mixing it. New fields are opened with the help of a disc plough, especially hard and rocky land where scouring is hard.

Farm Trailer

Farm trailers are exclusively used as a means of transport for farmers and for transporting farm products from the farm to a market. It is primarily used for transporting livestock used in farming. Farm trailers ensure the safe movement of heavyweights. It is simple farm equipment used for hauling heavy loads.

Tine Tillers

Tine tillers are used for breaking and loosening the soil. This prevents the production of weeds and helps the development of crop roots. It is basically used for digging up the soil.

Bed Shape Planter

A bed shape planter forms beds and furrows apply seeds and spread fertiliser. This implement aids in better weed control and water management. It facilitates the deep placement of seeds.

Offset Disc Harrow with Wheels

An offset disc harrow breaks soil in opposite directions. These are best utilised in large fields. An offset disc harrow is a primary tillage tool. It breaks virgin ground to produce a smoother level of the ground. An offset disc harrow is used for superficial ploughing, used in light and medium soil. It is easily mounted to tractors for the preparation of soil. Click here to check out a wide variety of tractors for sale along with appropriate farm implements.

Boom Sprayer

Boom sprayers are used for spraying liquid in order to facilitate adequate chemical application to crop roots. Boom sprayers are used on low growing crops.

Rotary Tiller Cultivator

A rotary tiller cultivator is used for secondary tillage. It prepares and aerates the soil to facilitate plantings. It basically cultivates the soil that has hardened over time. This ensures a smooth flow of water through the soil.

Agricultural loader

Agriculture loaders are attached to compact Massey Ferguson tractors. This implement assists in daily tasks and is used for lifting and transporting material like soil, wood, debris, etc.

Zero Tillage Planter

A zero tillage planter helps reduce cultivation costs by 80% by cutting land preparation costs. Due to zero tillage, prior land preparation is not required, leading to a reduction in soil erosion. It is also considered to be environmentally safe due to a lessened greenhouse effect.

Bed Maker

Bed makers are used in raised bed farming. It is an agricultural technique where crop beds are built above the soil’s existing level. Raised beds also offer pest protection and is considered to be climate-smart agriculture. Bed makers are attached to New Holland and Massey Ferguson tractors to create raised beds.

These farm implements are easily available at any tractor company in Botswana and with tractor dealers all around the country.

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